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Exploring the SHBET Bingo Fish Shooting Game: A Comprehensive Guide

SHBET is widely recognized not only across Asia but also in Europe, known for its high standards and ability to attract players by providing a comprehensive range of engaging games such as card games with rewards, betting odds, casino games, fish shooting, chicken shooting, and more. One game that has particularly captivated players is the Bingo Fish Shooting Game. This game, now available in mobile versions, allows players to convert earned points into real money, which can be withdrawn to their bank accounts. This comprehensive guide bet win tips will delve into the intricacies of playing the Bingo Fish Shooting Game on the SHBET platform, offering insights into its unique features, gameplay strategies, and more.

Introduction to the SHBET Bingo Fish Shooting Game

The SHBET Bingo Fish Shooting Game is a unique combination of traditional fish shooting, bingo, and slot games. This innovative fusion has brought a fresh experience to online betting lounges. Originally, this game was inspired by the mechanics and operation principles of fish shooting machines found in modern commercial centers and supermarkets. By combining these elements into a single game, SHBET has created a captivating new experience.

The game utilizes advanced 3D technology to create a vivid underwater world where players can immerse themselves. Understanding the basic rules allows players to enjoy the game from the comfort of their homes without the need to visit a supermarket to play.

Advantages of the SHBET Bingo Fish Shooting Game

SHBET is confident in providing participants with a unique and innovative experience through the Bingo Fish Shooting Game. This game stands out in the market due to several notable advantages:

Diverse Levels

The Bingo Fish Shooting Game caters to players of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players. This feature helps keep the game interesting and challenging, enhancing players' gaming skills over time. As the level increases, so do the value and attractiveness of the rewards.

Numerous Mini-Games

In addition to the main fish shooting game, players can enjoy various entertaining mini-games such as Pet Gate and Three Attacks. Each mini-game offers a unique interface and rewards, ensuring a consistently engaging experience.

Fast Reward Withdrawals

While the online gaming market is attractive, it is also rife with low-quality or fake gaming lounges. In these subpar environments, players might face difficulties withdrawing their winnings, with long waiting times. However, SHBET, a highly reputable betting house, ensures quick and easy transactions. Players can deposit money via bank transfers, phone cards, or e-wallets. Phone card deposits are particularly popular because they allow multiple transactions at any time, with deposit values ranging from 10,000 to 50,000 VND. The system processes transactions within five minutes, whether depositing or withdrawing rewards.

High Reward Conversion Rates

One of the most beloved features of the SHBET Bingo Fish Shooting Game is its high reward conversion rate. Players can convert their game rewards at a 1:1 ratio, offering a fair and straightforward system.

Quick Player Support

In any online game, players may encounter issues requiring assistance. The SHBET online sports betting site customer service team is highly responsive, providing prompt support to ensure a smooth gaming experience. Players can receive help anytime, anywhere.

Basic Guide to Playing the SHBET Bingo Fish Shooting Game

Given the significant differences from traditional fish shooting games, players need to understand the specific rules and gameplay of the Bingo Fish Shooting Game.

Gameplay Rules

The game interface features three main lounges, and players must select one to enter. Once in, players use the + or - signs to choose a cannon level corresponding to their bet amount. Using the gun, players shoot at targets, earning rewards for each target hit, along with a numbered ball. These balls populate a Bingo board with three horizontal rows and five vertical columns.

Continue shooting to connect lines on the Bingo board, triggering a slot spin with one horizontal row. Three matching symbols yield substantial rewards. Capturing all the balls on the Bingo board can lead to rewards with values up to x888.

Betting Lounges

The game features three main betting lounges, each varying in difficulty and suitable for different financial conditions:

Beginner Lounge: Ideal for new players, requiring only a small investment of 0.1 dong for a memorable experience.

Advanced Lounge: Requires a higher investment of over 1 dong, offering increased reward rates upon winning.

Master Lounge: Reserved for highly experienced players with investments over 10 dong, presenting opportunities for significant rewards.

Detailed Reward Table

The reward conversion rates in the Bingo Fish Shooting Game depend on the type of target and symbols in the slot spin. Larger fish yield higher reward multipliers. Here is a detailed reward table:

Small Fish: Reward multiplier of x2 to x10, including shrimp, crabs, frogs, etc.

Medium Fish: Reward multiplier of x10 to x12, including turtles, catfish, snails, etc.

Large Fish: Reward multiplier of x50 to x90 for catching large sharks, diamond turtles, red carps, etc.

Special Fish: Reward multipliers vary by type, with values such as:

Platypus: x200

Golden Rhino: x300

Pin: Catch more fish

Golden Net: x1 to x8

Cherry: x5

Colored Ball: Receive 1-5 numbered balls, reward multiplier x1 to x55

Slot Game Symbols:

Cherry: x10

Orange: x30

Grapes: x50

Watermelon: x80

Golden Bell: x100

Bar Symbol: x200

Number 7: x300

Weaponry Overview

To aid in capturing targets, SHBET provides a diverse arsenal of weapons, each with unique strengths, ensuring excellent target acquisition capabilities:

Basic Cannon: Ideal for new players, allowing them to use 10 levels of ammunition for fish shooting. Adjust using the + and - buttons.

Fish Net: Provides players with a net to catch fish.

Fish Lock: Helps save ammunition by eliminating the need to shoot at targets directly.

Auto Mode: Allows players to set up special automatic weapons, capital, and the number of shots. The auto mode will handle all targeting and shooting.

Bingo Board: Automatically assists players by providing information on opened and unopened balls.

Tips for Playing Bingo Fish Shooting

To achieve significant wins in the Bingo Fish Shooting Game, players should apply effective strategies from experienced gamers. Here are some valuable tips:

Understand the rules, reward rates, and support features.

Start in the beginner lounge to hone skills.

Adjust cannon levels according to the size of targets and use special weapons effectively.

Avoid ignoring medium and small fish. Do not focus solely on large targets beyond your ability to eliminate.


This comprehensive guide provides a deeper understanding of the rules and strategies of the Bingo Fish Shooting Game. SHBET free bookmaker offers has introduced a fantastic online game where players can earn attractive rewards. Experience the game today and take advantage of the unique features and strategies offered by SHBET.


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