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How to Find High Odds Easily When Betting on Football

Beginners in sports betting often bet on any available odds, while experienced bettors seek high-value odds for their bets. So how can we easily find high-value odds? Let's explore this in the following article. For insights into today's opportunities, consider checking out soccer tip bet .

Understanding Standard Betting Calculations

Football betting offers various types of odds, and for today's discussion, online football betting networks highlight three fundamental ways to calculate odds. Once you understand these three types of odds, calculating other types becomes straightforward and easy. Specifically:

Asian Handicap (AH)

Asian Handicap, also known as AH, determines the stake based on positive or negative odds displayed by reputable bookmakers. The calculation follows a default formula:

Betamountx(1+AHodds)Bet amount x (1 + AH odds)Betamountx(1+AHodds)

For example, if a player wants to bet 100,000 VND on a Vietnamese team with AH odds of 0.99, the actual stake deducted by the bookmaker would be 100 x 0.99 = 99,000 VND. There are different outcomes:

Winning the bet results in receiving the original stake plus the stake multiplied by the original AH odds.

Winning half the bet results in receiving half of the original stake plus half of the stake multiplied by the original AH odds.

Losing the bet results in losing the entire initial stake (100,000 VND in this case).

Losing half the bet results in losing half of the original stake.

Over/Under (O/U) Bet

Over/Under bets, also known as O/U bets, are calculated similarly to Asian Handicap bets, with positive and negative odds determining the stake. Four possible outcomes arise:

Winning the entire bet.

Winning half of the bet.

Losing the entire bet.

Losing half of the bet.

1x2 Bet

The 1x2 bet, also known as the match result bet, differs from AH and O/U bets in its simple and straightforward stake calculation method. With only three possible outcomes (win, lose, or draw), the calculation is as follows:

Winning the entire bet results in receiving the original stake multiplied by the odds.

Losing the entire bet results in losing the entire initial stake.

Guide to Finding High Odds When Betting Online

To find high-value odds, it's crucial to select the league or tournament you want to bet on and focus on specific matches on any given day. For example, you might target high-value odds in the English Premier League or matches involving a specific team like Manchester United. Research all relevant match details beforehand and then prioritize bets with best free soccer tips for enhanced insights.

=> Clearly, our goal in sports betting is to win our bets. Therefore, thorough preparation is essential.

By following these steps, you can enhance your chances of finding and betting on high-value odds effectively in online football betting.

Where to Find High Odds in Football Betting

To find high-value odds in football betting, it's essential to gather information from reliable sportsbooks. However, without experience, it can be challenging to identify which best offer the highest potential returns.

Each sportsbook typically offers different odds for each betting market. Currently, the reputable soccer tips sportsbook has the highest odds for profitable betting. You can consider the following approach:

Choosing a Reputable Sportsbook Offering the Best Football Betting Odds

To find high-value odds, start by selecting established sportsbooks. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Researching Sportsbook Information

There are numerous reviews and evaluations of sportsbooks available online. Before choosing where to place bets, thoroughly read articles and reviews about each sportsbook.

You can create a list of trusted sportsbooks such as M88, W88, Letou, Soccer tips, Fun88, etc., to compare which one offers the highest odds for a specific match.

Step 2: Analyzing the Odds of Each Bet

Select matches you intend to bet on and analyze statistics from at least 3 to 5 sports betting websites. For example, if you're looking for high-value odds for the Brighton vs. Crystal Palace match:

At M88, the handicap bet for this match is set at 0.5, with odds of 0.78 for Brighton and -0.85 for Crystal Palace, based on Malay odds. If you bet on Brighton and win:

Winnings=(betamount∗0.78)+betamountWinnings = (bet amount * 0.78) + bet amountWinnings=(betamount∗0.78)+betamount

For instance, betting 100 USD would result in winnings of 178 USD.

If you lose, you would lose the entire bet amount (100 USD).

Meanwhile, at Soccer tips for the same match, you might find even higher odds:

For example, a handicap of 0.5/1, with odds of -0.98 for Brighton and Crystal Palace, also following Malay odds. If you bet on Brighton:

Winnings=(betamount/−0.98)+betamountWinnings = (bet amount / -0.98) + bet amountWinnings=(betamount/−0.98)+betamount

For a 100 USD bet, winnings would be 202 USD if Brighton wins.

If you lose, you would only lose 98 USD.

Step 3: Placing Bets with Your Chosen Sportsbook

Once you've completed your research and selected the sportsbook and bet you believe offers the highest odds, proceed to place your bet. For example, if you decide to bet with Soccer tips, visit their website, create an account, deposit funds, and place your bet on the chosen match with the highest potential odds.

Note: Odds can fluctuate, especially closer to or during a match. If betting during the match, ensure you stay informed about any changes.


In this guide, we've outlined how to find high-value odds when betting on football matches online. Remember to gather and analyze the information you've collected, and understand how to read football betting odds to effectively choose bets with high potential returns. For further assistance, consider using buy premium soccer tips . If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly or leave a comment below this article. Thank you for reading!


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