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Handicap Throw-in Betting and Expert Betting Tips

Handicap throw-in betting is considered an exciting addition to the array of betting options offered by reputable bookmaker review. This type of bet is directly related to the throw-ins during a football match. So, what exactly is handicap throw-in betting? What are some tips for successful betting in this category? The following section will clarify these points.

What is Handicap Throw-in Betting?

In football betting, throw-ins occur frequently throughout a match as a way to resume play when the ball goes out of bounds along the sidelines of the field.

Handicap throw-in betting is considered a supplementary bet in football betting, offering players an additional option to increase their chances of winning and providing more diversity in betting choices. Bookmakers will offer suitable odds for players to choose from. The outcome of the bet is determined by the number of throw-ins achieved by the home or away team during a match.

Common Types of Handicap Throw-in Betting

Handicap throw-in betting is quite popular and widely selected among top bookmakers today. In this type of bet, players can choose from the following three options:

First Throw-in Handicap Bet: When placing this bet, players need to select either the home or away team, predicting which team will make the first throw-in during the match. This bet involves a higher element of chance, with odds typically split evenly.

Over/Under Throw-in Bet: This type of bet is similar to corner kick or yellow card bets. Bookmakers will analyze and provide statistics for players to choose between over or under a certain number of throw-ins. If the total number of throw-ins exceeds the bookmaker's prediction, the over option wins; otherwise, the under option wins. If the total number of throw-ins matches the bookmaker's prediction, the bet is a push, and players receive their stake back.

Handicap Throw-in Bet: Unlike the previous two types, when selecting this type of bet, players must consider and predict the total number of throw-ins for both teams. Alternatively, players can handicap the odds based on their analysis of each team's throw-in tendencies. The team with more throw-ins and a generally higher rate of occurrence wins the bet. There are three possible outcomes: winning half the amount wagered, a push, or winning the entire amount.

Understanding Valid Throw-ins

To accurately participate in handicap throw-in betting, players need to know which throw-ins are considered valid and which are not. Consider the following scenarios:

If a team commits a foul during a throw-in, the throw-in is still counted in handicap throw-in betting. Additionally, if the throw-in is retaken due to a foul, it is also counted.

Throw-ins during extra time or stoppage time are not counted in this type of betting.

Most throw-ins taken to start a match are included in handicap throw-in betting calculations.

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Winning Strategies for Handicap Throw-in Betting

To successfully engage in handicap throw-in betting and secure favorable odds, players should consider the following strategies:

Choose the Stronger Team: Typically, a stronger team will have more throw-in opportunities. Such teams often execute dangerous attacking plays, forcing weaker opponents to clear the ball out of bounds frequently.

Understand Each Team's Playing Style: Each team's playing style significantly influences the number of throw-ins during a match. Teams employ various tactics to attack their opponents, resulting in higher instances of the ball going out of bounds. Therefore, matches with teams employing more aggressive offensive strategies tend to have more throw-ins.

Consider Match Circumstances: External factors surrounding a match, such as championship contention, promotion or relegation battles, often lead to increased competitiveness and cautious play. Teams may opt for safer tactics, resulting in fewer throw-ins.

The above points cover all the essentials of handicap throw-in betting and highlight key strategies for successful participation. For further insights, including match analysis and handicap throw-in odds, players can visit leading bookmakers like win tips. Wishing all players success with this type of bet!


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